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Apple doesn’t support the in-app purchase shared within family members in Family share. (Refer to “https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203046” )

One suggestion on solving this problem is:

  1. Login your other device under the same apple ID, you paid for the full version.
  2. Download the game ( if you have download before , please deleted it first. And download it under your apple ID)
  3. Enter the purchase screen in the game.
  4. Please choose “RESTORE” option.

Then you will have this full version game in the device without double pay for it.

If you get hit with a message on your Apple iPhone or iPad that says “Purchase – In-app purchases are not allowed” when trying to buy purchases from within apps, it may be related to a restriction setting on the device.

1. From the Home screen, swipe over to the screen with the “Settings” icon, then select it.
2. Select “General“.
3. Scroll down and select “Restrictions“.
4. Type your restriction password. If you don’t remember setting a password, ask anybody else who may have had access to the device.
5. Scroll down to the “In App Purchases” option and ensure it is turned “On“.

When you uninstalled and Re-install the game, please click ‘Restore‘ instead of ‘purchase’.

If you failed on”Restore the full version”,you may choose “Get Full Version For A Special Price”. After enter your password,the system will remind you with “ You’ve already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free?” . Please press Ok, and you will have it free.

1. Make Sure the iPad/iPhone Sound is Not Muted.
2. Turn the Sound All the Way Up.
3. Close the Apps.
Double tap the home button so that you can access each app that is running, and then slide each of them up to close them.
4. Reboot the iPhone /iPad
Once this has been completed, press the power and home button down at the same time and hold them until after the iPod screen has gone black. This process will be finished as soon as the Apple logo appears, and that is when it is time to stop pressing the buttons.

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